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Caring Hearts Counselling

We aim to provide a space where everyone feels safe, accepted, and fully supported throughout their journey with grief and loss. 

Caring Hearts partners with experienced and trusted counsellors  who understand the complexities and emotions that accompany grief in all its forms. There is no roadmap, instruction manual, or timeline for grief and sometimes we all need a little help in finding our way. 


We will work with you to remove financial barriers that may impact your ability to access counselling.

Counsellors may offer a sliding scale and all are registered with Non-Insured Health benefits (NIHB) as well as Indian Day School, Indian Residential School and MMIWG2S mental health services.  

We provide free counselling for those impacted by having a loved one gone missing. We can also provide short-term, subsidized support to those impacted by suicide.   

  Please call 306 523 2780 or email for more information on counselling and support groups.

​Workplace Grief

Grief can affect anyone, anywhere and thworkplace is no exception. We provide support to employees, businesses and other organizations. This can be in the form of direct counselling support or education for workplaces on grief and/or trauma.  For more information please email

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