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About Us

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From Our Hearts to Yours

Caring Hearts offers counselling and education programs for families as well as agencies to support those struggling to cope with loss. Caring Hearts is working with provincial and federal government in support of the Missing Persons and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Saskatchewan. 


To enhance mental health healing  through education and counselling for those dealing with grief and loss.


A province where everyone is cared for through their journey of grief and loss.

We Believe

All people requesting any service at Caring Hearts should be treated with respect and understanding so that their integrity, dignity, and self-respect will be maintained.


The primary function of our service is to provide education, programs, and services for those dealing with grief and loss.


In open and ongoing communications with our clients, their significant others, and health care professionals through our services.

In utilizing community facilities/agencies that are intended to support our clients through their healing journey.

Our Values

We build open and honest relationships with our clients and the community we serve. We are committed to providing resources for grief and loss. We ensure confidentiality, respect personal values, and provide the time and compassion to help clients manage their needs.

We care about one another and about our workplace. We foster an open and inclusive environment that embraces diverse cultural heritage and opinions; we learn, work, and support each other as one team.

We go above and beyond what is normally expected to achieve excellence in our services. We accomplish this by maintaining high standards, strong competencies and committed partnerships, and by being responsive and accessible.


We are committed to being accountable and transparent. We are honest with one another. We hold ourselves to high standards of ethical behaviour and take responsibility for our actions.

We are transparent, open, and honest in our decision making, communication and relationship-building.


Our Staff


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Keely Wight-Young
Executive Director
Phone: 306-523-2780 

Jennifer Yasinowski
Director of Education
Phone: 306-523-2786 

General Inquiries
Phone: 306-523-2780 

Lorna Standingready

Duane Bowers,LPC, CCHt 
Education Consultant

Susan Kamuti-Gaitho, MSW, RSW
Intake Services/MP Counsellor/Group Counsellor

Stacey Mustatia, B.Ed, Wellness for Life Accreditation
Client Services/MP Counsellor/Group Facilitator/Curriculum Development

Rosanne Morphy, BSW, RSW


Our Board

The Board of Directors is a group of volunteers who govern the activities of the non-profit organization, Individuals come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, who are interested in helping our organization achieve our vision. Board members serve a term of three years, with an option to renew their commitment for a second term. Commitment includes two hours per month for meetings, preparation, and consultation, in addition to attendance at regular board meetings. There are a minimum of four board meetings per year, plus the annual general meeting, and a strategic planning session.
Board members are responsible for the effective governance of the organization consistent with the vision, mission, strategic plan, and core values. Board members have no authority to act individually in the direction of staff and volunteers, or to act as spokesman for the organization, unless specifically given that authority by the Board.


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2020/21 Board of Directors 

Whitney Beug, Chair
Aaron Spelliscy
Mark Hillmer

Kasiani Agioritis
Sharlene McGowan

Tanner Peakman

Bill McConkey

Nicole Krupski


A Little History

Caring Hearts was initially established as a non-profit charity in 1983 under the name Regina Palliative Care Inc. Through RPCI funds were raised to help support RQHR’s Palliative Care Unit/Greystone Bereavement Centre as well as the ten-bed facility at Regina Wascana Grace Hospice.

In August 2018, Caring Hearts changed its name from the Regina Palliative Care Greystone Bereavement Centre to Caring Hearts Counselling Inc. The change has allowed Caring Hearts to extend its scope to a provincial mandate as a counselling and education agency that focuses on, among other things, grief and loss supports. The new name was in support of the Caring Hearts Camp, a recognizable youth-focused grief program offered by the organization since 1997.


Strategic Plan

In the 2020/21 fiscal year, the Board of Directors held five board meetings, online governance training and an annual general meeting. At our January 2021 Board meeting, the Board renewed our commitment to the four strategic objectives that were approved in 2019.

1.    Align programs and services with the organization’s mission goals and objectives.
2.    Develop a sustainable funding model.
3.    Strengthen organizational brand and increase awareness of programs and services.
4.    Improve processes for managing our data and resources.


Annual Reports

Download our Annual Reports to find out the full story.

2019 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

• 2021 Annual Report


2021 Impact Stories

Mission, Vision & Values
Our Staff
Our Board
A Little History
Strategic Plan
Annual Reports
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