Missing Persons Funding for all Missing Persons (Provincial)

Families and friends can access support groups and individual counselling based on their needs. Caring Hearts offers both “Western Therapeutic” counselling as well as support from an Elder to provide “Traditional Indigenous Healing”. 

As part of this program, Caring Hearts offers education and training on trauma, culturally appropriate care, trauma informed care, self-care and resiliency building, and ambiguous loss for agencies, groups and volunteers.  Resource materials including manuals, workbooks, and webinars can also be accessed. 

Support for Families of Murdered and
Missing Indigenous Women & Girls (Federal)

There is a growing need to develop education and skills at the local level to understand the sharing circle process so they can better assess the readiness of families, and be able to provide a more responsive local service that reflects a continuum of care model. 

Caring Hearts provides support to build capacity in communities by creating a network of respected Elders and local service providers to continue delivery of services and support individuals and families throughout their healing process. 

Sharing Circles

The Caring Hearts team, including Elder Lorna Standingready works with families and community care providers during sharing circles that take place in community. Those wishing to participate in the sharing circle are invited to learn more about them by viewing the videos here.

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Missing Persons & Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Caring Hearts receives funding from the provincial and federal government to offer culturally appropriate support for families and friends of missing persons and missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. Families and friends do not have to face this difficult situation alone. Caring Hearts also offers education and training about ambiguous loss for groups, individuals and agencies.