staff & board

Shelley Svedahl
Executive Director
Phone: 306-523-2782 


Dwayne Yasinowski
Director of Education
Phone: 306-523-2786 


General Inquiries

Phone: 306-523-2780 


Lorna Standingready



Raelyn Lonie, BA, Master of Counselling in progress

Youth Program Development
Phone: 306-523-2780 


Duane Bowers,LPC, CCHt 

Education Consultant

Sheila Webster MA, Certified Counsellor, PACCP

Group & individual Counsellor

Joyce Nicholson, Bed, MA, Counselling, CCPA
MP/MMIWG Counsellor

Susan Kamuti-Gaitho, MSW, RSW

Caring Hearts Camp/Group Counsellor

Ramsha Sultan, BA Psychology in progress 

Junior Counsellor, Caring Hearts Camp



2019/20 Board of Directors 

Interested in joining the Board? Click here for more information

The Board of Directors is a group of volunteers who govern the activities of the non-profit organization, Individuals come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, who are interested in helping our organization achieve our vision.


Board members serve a term of three years, with an option to renew their commitment for a second term.


Commitment includes two hours per month for meetings, preparation, and consultation, in addition to attendance at regular board meetings. There are a minimum of four board meetings per year, plus the annual general meeting, and a strategic planning session.


Board members are responsible for the effective governance of the organization consistent with the vision, mission, strategic plan, and core values.


Board members have no authority to act individually in the direction of staff and volunteers, or to act as spokesman for the organization, unless specifically given that authority by the Board.

Chairperson: Nicole Petrisor                 

Jeremy Swystun
Jennifer Pederson
Aaron Spelliscy
Whitney Beug
Jyoti Haeusler
Mark Hillmer
Zach Pengelly

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