caring hearts history

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Caring Hearts was initially established as a non-profit charity in 1983 under the name Regina Palliative Care Inc. Through RPCI funds were raised to help support RQHR’s Palliative Care Unit/Greystone Bereavement Centre as well as the ten-bed facility at Regina Wascana Grace Hospice.

In August 2018, Caring Hearts changed its name from the Regina Palliative Care Greystone Bereavement Centre to Caring Hearts Counselling Inc. The change has allowed Caring Hearts to extend its scope to a provincial mandate as a counselling and education agency that focuses on, among other grief and loss supports. The new name was in support of the Caring Hearts Camp, a recognizable youth-focused grief program offered by the organization since 1997.

Mission Statement
To enhance mental health healing through education, and counselling for those dealing with grief and loss.


Four strategic objectives were approved at the March 2020 Board Meeting:


1. Align programs and services with the organization’s mission goals and objectives.
2. Develop a sustainable funding model.
3. Strengthen organizational brand and increase awareness of programs and services.
4. Improve processes for managing our data and resources.