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1. The Provincial Missing Persons Funding for all Missing Persons
Programming includes support groups for families of missing persons and homicide, and counselling services, as outlined by the provincial partnership agreement. As part of this program, Caring Hearts offers education and training about ambiguous loss for groups, individuals and agencies. 
2. Support for Families of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women & Girls 

Following the Federal Government's call for a formal inquiry into murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls, we recognized the Families of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women & Girls (FMMIWG) in Saskatchewan would require both direct and indirect assistance.  It is widely recognized that a gap in services exists for these families, and in particular support regarding specialized ambiguous loss and trauma, counselling, and group services provided in a trauma informed manner for FMMIWG.

In the spring of 2017, our groundwork began and support for the families of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls through The Case Project.



The CASE project builds on the work that began with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice which provides culturally sensitive, western therapeutic counselling supports to the families of Missing Persons. In addition, Caring Hearts works closely with an elder to be able to offer families traditional healing practices. 

    •    C - Counsel families and victims
    •    A - Advocate for services to support Families of Missing or Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (FMMIWG) 
    •    S - Support families and victims with a variety of services and programs specially developed to serve FMMIWG
    •    E - Educate our province and its varying communities so they can build capacity which results in a library of both human and tangible resources, and increased networks of support.

Caring Hearts is able to provide counselling support options for Families of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls through either Western or Traditional Therapeutic methods. Our organization works closely with Elders to provide families with this guided Traditional approach.

The Caring Hearts team, including Elder Lorna Standingready works with families and community care providers during sharing circles that take place in community. Those wishing to participate in the sharing circle are invited to learn more about them by viewing the videos below:

Part 1:  Coming Together

Part 2: Smudging

Part 3: Sharing

Part 4: C0nclusion

To access the supports or education for the Provincial Missing Persons Program or The CASE Project - either as a Family member or as a frontline service agency, please contact: 

DWAYNE YASINOWSKI, Education Coordinator  or (306)523-2786

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